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Davidoff Royal Release Robusto

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To inherit the title of Davidoff Royal Release, the journey from seed to cigar takes 10 years. Harvested separately from other crops, and cured in the Royal Barn. Our Head Master Blender ensures that color, texture, aromas and later burn, are all monitored to ensure the standards demanded of a Royal are met. Bales given the Royal stamp are then left for 8 years of aging so they age to perfection. Throughout this time, they’re lavished with ideal temperature, light and humidity needed to create a cigar of such regal elegance. Everything about a Davidoff Royal Release is handpicked, including the hands that roll them. 8 of our finest rollers were given the task of using their combined skill and knowledge in crafting and creating a Davidoff cigar the like of which no one has seen, held or tasted before. The Aromatica Dominicana wrapper has been chosen especially for its extraordinary beauty and shine. A wrapper specially reserved for our Royal Release line only, and won’t appear on any other Davidoff Cigar. The cigar delights the palate from the first puff with elegantly smooth flavors of oak wood, leather and fresh spices, along with notes of sweet corn and milk chocolate with a creamy aftertaste.

Presented in a shiny and veinless wrapper, specially reserved for Davidoff Royal Release line, the cigar delights the palate from the first puff with elegant and smooth flavours of oak wood, leather and fresh spices. The structure of these flavours and the texture of the smoke are one of a kind. Sophisticated, neat, but at the same time stimulating all taste buds.

In the second third, spiciness appears together with subtle tastes of roasted almonds, sweet corn and milk chocolate with a creamy and long lasting aftertaste.

In the last third Davidoff Royal Release demonstrates why not all cigars are created equally with an intensified complexity and balance that sets Royal Release apart. 

Format: Robusto

Size: 5½" x 55 RG

Strength: Medium

Enjoyment Time: 45 mins

SKU :  RRROB-010