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Davidoff Premium Selection

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Davidoff has taken some of its best-selling cigars and has placed them in beautiful gift boxes. Experience rejuvenated selections for the contemporary cigar enthusiast. Exclusively available in the United States.

These premium selections embody an experience of flavors and aromas that Davidoff is known for. Created for the aficionado searching for a wide variety of beautiful, premium quality cigars, this assortment is available in both a 9 and 12 count box.

Order your Davidoff Premium Selection box and experience a variety of tastes, flavours, and aromas today!

The 9-count box contains:

• Signature 1000

• Signature No. 2

• Signature 2000 • Grand Cru No. 2

• Aniversario Short Perfecto

• Aniversario Special R

• Aniversario No. 3

• Aniversario Special T

• Millennium Robusto