Cohiba Piramides Extra (2012) Vintage



The Cohiba Pirámides Extra is the latest exclusive production added to the famous “Linea Clasica” in a brand new vitola. Medium to full-bodied, the Pirámides Extra are hand-rolled with the finest leaves from the Vuelta Abajo plantations.

The leaves that are used endure additional fermentation in casks, a refined process that renders peerless aroma and flavor from the “Linea Clasica” blend of flower and pepper notes.

The Pirámides Extra holds a brand new band that portrays the Indian head design (same as BHK line bands) and other visible and hidden holographic elements aimed to heighten security of this product.

Format: Pyramid

Size: 6.3" x 54

Strength: Medium-Full

Smoking Time: 75-90 mins

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